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Information and advice

How to measure

Frame only

Firstly you must check whether all the corners of your art work or item you are framing are at right angles. To find out measure diagonals A to B and C to D as illustrated below.

Frame only

Diagonals equal
If your diagonals are equal the next step is to measure the exact width and height from edge to edge in millimetres.

Example 297mm x 210mm.

We will make your frame so that your artwork fits comfortably within the frame and does not fall out.
Please noteapproximately 5mm of your artwork will be hidden under the rebate of the frame.

Diagonals different
If your diagonals are not equal you need to measure the shortest width and shortest height of your artwork or image. To find this measure both ends of the width and both ends of the height. See diagram below.

Example 297mm x 190mm

We will make your frame so that your artwork fits comfortably within the frame and does not fall out.
Please note approximately 5mm of your artwork will be hidden under the rebate of the frame.


Frame and mount

Measure the exact width and height of the image you would like to see in millimetres. The mount aperture will be cut to exactly this size so make sure you are precise.

Important – do not measure right up to the edge of the paper or image. You must come in at least 5mm or more from each side so you have some overlap to stop your image falling through the mount.

See example below. The exact image size is height 297m x width 210mm but you need to come in 5mm therefore measurements required are 292mm x 205 mm as shown below.

Next you will need to select the width of the mount you would like. These start from 25mm. A popular choice is 40mm. Generally the bigger the picture the wider the mount. Please note When selecting the width of your mount approximately 5mm will be hidden under the rebate of the frame. For example, if your mount width is 40mm 35mm will be visible when framed.

Frame and mount

If you want to see the image and say the artist’s signature or limited edition number you can measure the image as shown below.

Frame mount and bleed

Please note artists’ signatures which come very close to the edge of the paper or canvas may end up partially covered by the lip of the frame, this cannot be avoided. Where there is a concern please contact us. If possible we recommend you bring your artwork to us for framing.

Framing canvas’ already stretched – frame only

First check your canvas corners are at right angles as discussed in step 1 by measuring the diagonals to see if they are equal.

If they are not equal your canvas may need restretching and cannot be framed online. Please contact us on 020 8446 9935 020 8446 9935 .

If your diagonals are equal the next step is to measure the height and width of the canvas as shown below taking in the thicker corners where the canvas has been folded over.

Width – you must use whichever measurement is the longest of A to C or D to B
Height – you must use whichever measurement is the longest of A to D or C to B


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How quickly will my order be despatched?

    Bespoke, made to measure orders will be despatched within 7 working days of your order. As the majority of our work is hand joined by us in our workshop made to measure orders do typically take 5 to 7 working days before despatch. Whilst in the majority of cases all orders will be despatched within this time there may be cases due to unforeseen circumstances where this cannot be met. We would contact you as soon as possible if this is the case.

  2. Where do you deliver to, how much does it cost and what courier firm do you use?

    Your order will be delivered by our courier firm, UK Mail. Once your order is despatched from us it should be delivered to you the following day. We will email you to confirm which date to expect your courier delivery. It is your responsibility to ensure you are in to receive your order otherwise you may be charged for redelivey. We deliver to the locations detailed below. If you are unsure of which zone you are in you can click here to check your postcode.

    • Zone A - England and Wales (mainland only) - delivery charge £7.50
    • Zone B - Southern Scotland - delivery charge £7.50
    • Zone C - Northern Scotland and Northern Ireland - delivery charge £20.00
    • Zone D - Channel Islands, Isle of Man, other offshore destinations - delivery charge £48.99
    • Zone E - Republic of Ireland - delivery charge £48.99
    • Zone F - Isle of Wight & Isle of Scilly - delivery charge £13.49

    The delivey costs above are for all deliveries of weights up to 15kgs. Delivery costs will be greater for orders that exceed these weights. Please call us to check.

  3. How should I measure my picture?

    Please see our "how to measure" section on the website which explains how to measure your picture with diagrams to help.

  4. How quickly will my order be despatched?

    You will be supplied with the hanging fixtures for your picture plus instructions on how to fit them and insert your artwork/picture. We do not provide wall fixtures.

  5. Can I get a sample?

    Yes. We can provide a small sample of a picture frame moulding or mount. Please email us at with your name and address and the sample you would like. This service is at our discretion.

    Please note whilst we endeavour to show frame and mount colours and finishes as accurately as possible on our site there can be slight variations. Picture frame mouldings can vary slightly from batch to batch. Wood is a natural product so there are naturally going to be slight differences in grain, colour or finish. We cannot offer a refund or exchange if the supplied product does not meet your requirement or if in your opinion the product differs from the description and images on the website.

  6. What glazing options do you offer?

    We offer three options

    • Acrylic, otherwise known as Perspex. This is a clear plastic based material which is flexible and much less likely to break than glass. Cleaning requires care as the surface is not resistant to the more abrasive of cleaning agents. If the surface has just a small amount of dust or dirt, use a soft cloth moistened with water to gently wipe it away. Turn the cloth often to keep a clean side on the glass. It’s important to avoid rubbing the dirt on the surface because this can cause scratching.
    • Non reflective/non glare Acrylic. Ordinary Acrylic and Glass sometimes acts like as mirror especially with darker images behind. The surface of simple Acrylic is given another process greatly reducing any reflections. As this is still Acrylic, the same cleaning requirements apply.
    • Glass. We only offer Glass up to a certain size, due to the risk of breakage in the post. Glass is more hard wearing than Acrylic and can be cleaned using a clear domestic glass cleaner.

  7. Can I visit you?

    Absolutely. We have been based in North Finchley in North London for almost 40 years. We have a beautiful mews style courtyard where our customer framing gallery and our workshop is based. We also have a shop in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Click here for details

  8. What if I have a special request or require a frame to be hand finished in a specific way?

    We specialise in hand finished frames. We have a wide range of frames that are hand finished with different waxes and washes. If you have something special you’d like us to do just give us a call on 020 8446 9935

    We can frame sports shirts, sports memorabilia, embroideries, tapestries, medals, clothes. Over our 40 years we have framed a huge variety of things including a cricket ball, a snake skin and a kimono.

  9. Do you do art restoration?

    Yes we do art restoration but you would need to bring your art work in to us before we could give a quote or any advice.

  10. Do you frame sports shirts?

    We are experienced sports shirt framers and regularly receive football and rugby shirts to frame. The price varies depending on the frame chosen. On average customers pay about £140 per shirt. Each frame is constructed using frame, glazing and back. We hand sew the shirt onto your chosen background colour, add a box lined with the same colour to raise the glass above the shirt and attach the frame, glazing and back. Ideally it is best if you can visit us and bring in your shirt. If you cannot visit us do give us a call as it may be possible to accept shirts by post.